Hong Kong, 6–9 January 2004

    Hong Kong was the main stop on my trip, in the sense that the Third Asian Aerosol Conference was the reason for the trip. The conference had been originally scheduled for July of 2003, but was postponed by the SARS scare that spring. Once the January date was set, I was able to schedule visits to Beijing and Xiamen beforehand and Guangzhou and Guiyang afterward.
    I happen to love the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I call it "The City On The Hill" because it is set on a steep hillside overlooking Clear Water Bay in Kowloon, the New Territories. It was built about ten years ago for the express purpose of providing advanced scientific and technical training for the youth of Hong Kong so that they could take up the slack when the British withdrew in 1999. The city engaged a Japanese firm to design the university, which wound up costing $HK 500 billion. But the results were fabulous.

Hong Kong University of Science And Technology—"The City On The Hill"
    Upper level 1
    Upper level 2
    The One-World Fountain
    Coastal Marine Laboratory
    Down by the sea
    Athletic facilities

The Third Asian Aerosol Conference, 6–9 January 2004
    In the atrium
        Organizers and exhibitors
    In the meeting rooms

    The mobile laboratory
    The Lion Dance, 8 January
    Lunch with some Chinese friends, 8 January
    The Harbor Cruise
        During dinner 1
        During dinner 2
        Hong Kong by night

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