A Glimpse of Central Park

Here we are at Central Park with its famous horse-drawn carriages. The ladies both wanted to be photographed in front of the horses. Here is Mali...

and here is Mei.

Meanwhile, on the street corner... The fancy apartment buildings are along Central Park South.

By this point, we had walked quite a way. We stopped for a short rest on nearby park benches.

Then we plunged into the southern end of Central Park in order to give our Chinese friends a feeling for what it was like. This photo looks toward the southeast, roughly at Central Park South and Fifth Avenue.

City-dwellers were making the most of the grassy areas.

Mei watching Xiaodong photograph Mali.

What a nice place to photograph a bridal couple.

One more time!

As we were walking toward the subway on Fifth Avenue, we heard drums. It turned out to be some very athletic male dancers strutting their stuff in this open square. Note the formal and informal drums on the left.

The drummers-eye view of the dancing.

This guy knocked off a series of tumbles worthy of an Olympian, from one side of the square to the other. Only in New York!

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