You simply may not take four Chinese people to New York City for the first time and not visit Chinatown. So after the Empire State Building, we hopped the Subway to Canal Street and Chinatown. It was fun for me, too, because I had not been there for many years.

We walked along Canal Street for a few blocks just trying to get a sense of the place.

Here are Mali and Xiaodong looking at one of the many shops along Canal Street. Unfortunately, we did not have time enough to wander the many side streets.

Here is another typical scene along Canal Street.

After asking one of the local people, we found a great restaurant that claimed to serve Hong Kong food but actually offered a greater variety of styles. Our meal was as good any any they had had in the U.S. and was indistinguishable from the real thing in southern China. We were hungry enough from the long day and all the walking that we devoured everything! See how relaxed everybody looks?

A closer view of Mali, Wanjin, and Mei.

They made me get in the final picture.

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