New York City Public Library


From Grand Central Terminal, we walked westward toward Fifth Avenue, fully intending to turn north toward St. Patrick's Cathedral. But when we reached Fifth Avenue, I saw the New York City Public Library  a block south of us and asked whether they would like to have a look. They agreed eagerly, and so that's where we headed. We wound up having a very nice time inside and out.

Viewers will note a very long string of posed pictures to come, usually with one or more of our Chinese friends standing formally in front of one or another attraction. That's just the way Chinese people pose. Here is me in front of...., then in front of..., etc. I have included every one of those pictures because that's the Chinese way. Enjoy!

New York this summer is full of cows, as Chicago was last summer. (Boston has cod.) Artists do them up in their own special ways. Here is Mei in front of the "library cow."

Xiaodong in front of the "library cow."

The New York Library has two large main reading rooms. In response to the Information Superhighway,a significant part of their area has been turned over to computers. Here is Xiaodong having a look. On the right you can see Mei and her mother entering the area to examine the computers.

Here is the other reading room, sans computers.

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