Rockefeller Center

After visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral, we walked across the street to Rockefeller Center. Here are ten photos taken around there.

Here is a view of the plaza looking "backward" from W. 49th Street. Just to the right of the traffic light you can see the spire of St. Patrick's. The multicolored flags surround the sunken ice-skating rink, so familiar in pictures from the Christmas season. The rink is turned into a restaurant during the summer.

Here is the restaurant, looking toward Fifth Avenue.

Another view of the restaurant.

Mei in front of a statement by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., concerning the supreme worth of the individual and his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not a bad credo, if you ask me!

Mali at the same place.

At the other side of the plaza stood this flower "Puppy" by artist Jeff Koons (?). No, we didn't color-coordinate Mali's jacket and the man's shirt!

Mei in front of the puppy.

I photographed Xiaodong photographing Mei by the plaza.

The Rockefeller Building reaches for the skies.

The building houses NBC's New York studios.

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