Down at the bottom

    The bottom was wonderful!

A view to the south along the bottom. The submerged rocks have a ghostly appearance.

A view to the northeast, with Mt. Scott in the background.

The teenagers were having fun, too. One of the guys had managed to make it out to a rock without getting completely wet.

Can you imagine such clear water? I read that a Secchi disk was visible to 142 feet down in 1997, which set a world record. Secchi depths exceeding 100 feet are common in the lake. Wow!

It's almost as if there is no water at all between you and the rocks.

Here I am trying not to fall backwards into the cold water! Actually, it wasn't quite as cold as I had expected, but I didn't have to fall to find out.

A view to the southeast. You can see some forward scattering of sunlight, which indicates the presence of large aerosol particles.

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