Meeting John Cahill in Haymarket, VA

    I had wanted to meet John Cahill for a long time. He is a free-lance writer and long-time shootist with a background in history and an abiding interest in the JFK assassination. He is also one of the few people on any of the newsgroups who has a sense of humor. We arranged to meet him at PW's Eatery in Haymarket, VA, for lunch. He brought along a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle of the type used in the JFK assassination, which I had not had a chance to hold before. Here are some photos of the town square and us after lunch.
    By the way, John Cahill is delightful in person. Not a "Harrumph!" the whole meal!

Here is PW's Eatery, where we met John and sampled Southern fare.

A view down the main street of Haymarket.

It was appropriate that we met a gun guy on Hunting Path Road.

Another view of the main street.

Yours truly in the famous Lee Harvey Oswald backyard pose. You can tell that I'm not a real gun guy, right?

Now THIS is a real gun guy! It just looks right on him.

Working the bolt action.

That deer is history! (John would want me to remind you that he has sworn off hunting, and now shoots only at target ranges.)

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