A visit to Rich Poirot in Montpelier, Vermont

    Montpelier is one of those sleepy Vermont towns that times seems to have forgotten. On one side of the town is the grounds of a former state mental institution that has been converted into offices for the state government. (No snide remarks about that being appropriate for state employees, please, because as the old saying goes, I are one!) Here are a few  pictures of the grounds and Rich.

    Here are some of the buildings of the government complex, and part of the huge front lawn that sets it back a respectable distance from the road.

This sign gives you an idea of the offices that are in Rich's building.

Rich Poirot in his third-floor office.

The man at his computer. We were examining some scatter plots constructed with the Voyager program from CAPITA, Washington University, St. Louis.

This picture is supposed to prove to any skeptical viewers that Rich and I actually worked while I was there. In fact, we wanted to do a lot more than was permitted by the brief visit.

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