Arriving and Walking Around

    Here are a few photos from the first part of our time at the fair.

We were surprised by how many people were there. This is a small part of the parking lot as we were walking to the gate.

We were greeted by country music from "Country Mile," a group based in Massachusetts. Good stuff!

Here is some of the crowd listening to Country Mile.

More of the listeners.

These are some of the little booths that sold eats and drinks. They were operated by local organizations such as Hope Valley Fire Company and Ashaway Emergency Services.

More of the booths as seen over the hood of a Hummer belonging to the Army Reserve.

These boys are waiting to be dropped into the water by someone who hits the target with a ball. It's a fun way of raising money.

The R.I. Trappers Association was there, too, with displays about humane trapping.

One of the buildings contained projects that 4-H members (I think) had been working on. Here is one about Chinese writing, which intrigued Haiwei.

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