No county fair is complete without rides. Here is a sampling of the ones at the Washington County Fair.

The Ferris wheel and Pharaoh's Fury.

Hey, get your tickets here!

Pharaoh's Fury on the left...

Pharaoh's Fury on the right.

Two of the other rides.

This is my kind of ride. (No, I didn't go.)

The 1001 Nights. I'll bet it felt like it by the time you got off.

The Jurassic Maze. You worked your way through the maze of mirrors, then slid down the slide.

This was a funny little coin game that I hadn't seen before. You dropped quarters in at the top, and they pushed the nearer quarters toward the edge. You got to keep any quarters that fell off. Personally, I felt that it was secret training for the slot machines at Foxwoods Casino.

The bumper cars.

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