31 December 2003 2Walk On The Beach

    Liqi knew that since I was from Rhode Island, I would like to see Xiamen's beach. So we drove out on the Island Ring Road and stopped at a convenient place to take a walk. The wind was very strong, and we walked enough to work up a good appetite—and to make us late for dinner! My fault for enjoying the fresh air too much.

We got to the beach just as the sun was setting. The main road is just on the other side of the lampposts. Nearest us is an access road.

Drs. Chen Liqi and Gao ZhongYong. Dr. Gao graduated about a year ago, and will be staying on at the Third Institute of Oceanography, where he is already offering classes. Last fall he participated in a Chinese research cruise to the Arctic, having earlier done the same for the Antarctic.

Here is a little eating place along the beach, with a most unusual sculpture. Better make sure that sand stays where it is!

The beach where we walked.

This sign warned the unwary beachgoers about strong undertows. I didn't care, though, for I stayed safely on the sand.

Some old fishing boats and nets.

This beach is a good place to fly kites because of the frequent strong winds. We saw one kite aloft.

The people flying the kite were Mr. Xiang W. Lai and his daughter.

Xiamen is known for the rare white dolphins that frequent its waters. Many people know this. But few know that these dolphins sometimes get bored and go for a swim in the nearby hedges. We were lucky enough to catch one of them in the act. White dolphins in hedges are doubly rare.

Chinese people love to light up all sorts of structures with beautiful colors after dark. Here is a purple tree near the water.

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