31 December 2003 4New Year's Eve Concert 2—From The Side

    Here are a few views from the side. Most do not require any comment.



I decided to get up close on the side. It gave me some of the best pictures.

Red is the New Year's color because it symbolizes good luck.


Two girls dancing on a small platform off to the side of the stage.


One of the "solo acts." You might call the music "advanced pop." Sorry—LOUD advanced pop.

As far as I could tell, the music was not live, but rather from computers or CDs. How could I tell? (1) No instruments around. (2) The sound broke down a few times in just the way that happens when your CD player goes bad. But the breakdowns didn't seem to particularly bother anybody.

No, this is not Lawrence Welk in China! But they were real bubbles aspart of the show.

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