Sunday, 4 January 2004, The Great Adventure With Miss Chen's Class 4More Climbing

    We had to climb some more to reach the top. These pictures were taken along the way.

The trail wasn't really steep, but you had to watch your footing.

Note the huge boulders again.

We never did see the Piano Hole, but I understand it is a place where running water from strong summer rains makes a musical sound.

Another summer in the distance. We walked more to the left.

We ran into this nice woman along the way, and the girls had a quick chat with her.

Going down some steps.

We never did quite figure out what this was. It appeared to be a collection of snail shells, but how and why they were there remained a mystery.

Thos boulder offered a nice overview. Naturally, the students scrambled to the top and made all sorts of noise in the pristine solitude. Miss Chen shouted, too as you can see here.

They laughed, too, including Miss Chen.

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