Thursday, 1 January 2004, Park 3—Kite In The Water

    Now we come to the sad story about the kite. Read on to find out.

We walked over to the water, where the famous sculpture of the goddess of Xiamen can be found.

The goddess has really long hair.

We of course brought the kite along with us. Johnnie knows that it is easier to counterbalance the force from the kite if you lean backward. Strong wind up there!

Sukie takes a trun.

But then something unexpected happened. The wind died down while the kite was over the water. The girls reacted quickly, but it was too late. The kite nosedived into the water.

We started to reel it in, but were afraid that the kite would catch on the underwater vegetation. (Jinjin is sharing the bad news with someone—her husband, maybe?)

But the kite didn't catch on anything. It swam through the water, and the string didn't break. We felt really lucky, and named it the "water kite" after its newfound ability.

After shaking off as much of the water as he could, Johnnie managed to get the water kite back up into its natural habitat of air, where it quickly dried the rest of the way. Here it is as it was just starting to climb.

Sukie and I are reveling in the second life of our kite.

Jinjin is ecstatic, too.

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