Thursday, 1 January 2004, Park 6The Other Side

    We crossed the street to the other side of the park. It was very different, yet also beautiful.

We saw a lake surrounded by these attractive plantings. We had heard that after dark there would be a show of colored fountains, and we decided to return after havng a short dinner.

They also put the kite up, but not for long. This policeman came over right away and told us that kites were not allowed here. Here he is explaining the rule to Johnnie.

The sun was getting low over the buildings to the west.

At the far end of the park was this amphitheater and a large lawn.

Then came the second piece of bad luck. While we were walking along the edge of the water, somebody accidentally dropped the kite into it. Johnnie tried to climb over the little wall to reach it, but we didn't want him to fall in, too. So the kite stayed. This was our last view of it.

Sunset in Xiamen.

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