Sunday, 4 January 2004, The Great Adventure With Miss Chen's Class 7Playing In The Park 1

    From the temple we walked down a bit to a small park, where Miss Chen and the students were waiting. That's where the real fun began.


David the birthday boy became my special buddy. So many ears for all of us! Us old folks Dave and me are the only ones not making them.

The students clearly love Miss Chen.

What nice students!

Since it was David's birthday, he had to give some kind of performance for the rest of us. With some urging, he stood up and did a little hip-hop dance. This photo was taken while he was psyching himself up for it.

Miss Chen is giving David one of those looks.


Then they started a little pat-a-cake game.

Everybody was doing it, all lined up in rows.

Hilarity can overcome the best of games.

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