Thursday, 1 January 2004, Temple 13Milk Tea And Lunch

    I had never heard of milk tea before this visit to Xiamen. As the name suggests, it's tea with a lot of milk, but it also contains little cylindrical portions of fruits that are small enough to fit through a straw. The three girls love it, and suggested that we stop for some on the way to lunch after our hike. So we did, and I admit it tasted good. Ordinarily I don't think that little fruits have any place in tea (or in much else, for that matter), but they were enough like candy to be tolerable.

Here we are, heading toward the shopping street on the left and the milk tea. We were being protect ed by the image of Col. Harlan Sanders (of KFC) on the left.

Here is the little shopping street with the milk tea. The shops are on the left, mostly out of view, and hawkers are selling all kinds of trinkets on the sidewalk.

A view of some of the shoppers. Remember that it is still New Year's Day. The milk tea place is right behind me.

Here it is! the milk tea place! Sukie and Wenyin are in high spirits as the tea is being prepared.

Part of the same shop was the Department of Grilled Meats, shown here.

A typical street scene.

We had lunch in this Sichuan restaurant. We later returned to it with a bigger group on the day before I left Xiamen.

The restaurant is on the second floor of a shopping mall not far from the milk tea place.

"Try this, dear, you will like it!"

Wenyin, Sukie, and Johnnie feeling good and the end of a delicious meal.

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