Thursday, 1 January 2004, Temple 2Just Inside

    We stepped inside the temple and were greeted with enough incense smoke to kill a horse. But it was New Year's Day, and people were coming in great numbers to pay their respects and hope for good luck in the New Year.

You buy these sticks of incense, light them, and then bow with them at the appropriate places around the temple. Boy #35 is already learning how to do it.


The girl on the right is squinting her eyes in the same way that I did.



This is a stone ball with a ball inside. Since the inner ball is bigger than the holes, it had to have been carved inside the outer one.

Jiangjun and Suqing are pondering the wonders of the ball inside the ball. It's really quite a feat.


Good luck is supposed to come to you if you rub the front and back of this piece of hanging metal. The shininess indicates that a lot of good luck has been dispensed here.


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