Thursday, 1 January 2004, Temple 4Catching Coins On Rocks

    It is considered good luck to toss a coin onto this rock and have it catch in one of the inscriptions. Many people tried; some succeeded; all had fun.


Our group tried it, too. Only Suqing failed.

Jiangjun (Jinjin) and your humble photographer are tossing coins. I had trouble at first, and then figured that the heavier American coins might work better. Bad move! They didn't even come close.

Weiyin is delighted by something, maybe when Jinjin succeeded and guaranteed herself good luck for the year.

Zhongyong (Johnnie) is trying, and the rest of us are watching expectantly. He succeeded in short order.

Jinjin is trying very hard here, and from the looks on our faces probably even succeeding. But I think her arm is outstretched a tad far, don't you? For example, Yao Ming could reach right up to the inscriptions and gently deposit the coins, but that wouldn't be fair, would it?

Weiyin and Suquing (Sukie) are ready to try in tandem.

Sukie, who was experiencing a run of bad luck, is trying again.

Here is your humble photographer sending up a coin in the name of Sukie. (I don't know whether temple rules allow that, however.) I got one to stick, and so gave her good luck for the year. Then we climbed up to the next level.

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