Arctic solution for Barrow winter

     We have known for years that aerosol all around the Arctic is similar in winter. Thus Barrow winter aerosol most resembles sites on the other side of the Arctic. That thread is shown below in red italic. Although it reaches a very good fit after three place-signatures, the fit is only nominally better than the European solution (0.66 vs. 0.69), and the solution is composed of receptors rather than genuine sources. Thus it cannot be regarded as a final solution.

Barrow, Alaska, winter

22 elements

19 elements


Arctic solution

European solution

Arctic solution

North American solution

East Asian solution

Step 0 Nothing chosen

Nothing chosen

Step 2 Sea and best crust (FEC) chosen

Sea and best crust (FEC) chosen

Step 3 Norway added, fit 2.42 Laptev added, fit 0.94 Norway added, fit 1.18 Akron added, fit 3.26 Ube added, fit 2.98
Step 4   North Sea added, fit 0.71 Bear Island added, fit 0.75 Sudbury added, fit 2.69 Seoul added, fit 2.49
Step 5   TransEur added, fit 0.69 Ny-Ålesund added, fit 0.66 West Point Added, fit 2.34 Oku winter added, fit 1.80
Step 6       DCref added, fit 1.92  

    We begin by repeating step 2, with only sea and crust chosen. Note how much higher the F-ratios in the Arctic than at the other potential source areas of North America, Europe, and East Asia (mostly Japan/Korea). That is borne out by the thread.





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