Apportionment of Lin'an

    Lin'an is another place where our first attempts at apportionment failed. Step 0, shown below, gave high F-ratios on every continent except Europe, with East Asia seeming to have the most. The type-signatures indicated that the Lin'an aerosol contained a great deal of flyash.

    Step 2, after the sea and Far East Crust (FEC) were entered, resulted in a wall of nearly equal F-ratios everywhere. We have as yet no idea why. The only thing further that can be noted from this figure is that East Asia and Japan/Korea contain coherent zones of somewhat higher F-ratios. We will investigated thiese possible sources in the future.

    For now, however, we begin in step 3 with the highest place-signature, Ho Chi Minh City. This signature is a good fit to Lin'an, in the sense that it fits Lin'an as well as any available signature or combination can (as witnessed by the collapse of all other place-signatures). But the fit is poor (3.4, down from an initial 22). The fit is also coincidental, however, because Ho Chi Minh City is much too far away to be the real source of Lin'an's aerosol. Rather, Ho Chi Minh City must be capturing the essence of Lin'an's aerosol. Unfortunately, it is an essence that we do not yet grasp.

    In short, the apportionment of Lin'an failed, and for reasons that we do not understand.

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