The JFK Assassination in Fiction

    The JFK assassination has spawned fictional accounts of the deed itself or related matters such as the characteristics of its hard-core students or buffs. Best known are novels of the assassination, such as Mark Lane's Executive Action or Don DeLillo's Libra. We describe these separately. Less known are the short stories, of which we present two examples. The first, Edward J. Delaney's 1996 "Conspiracy Buffs," tells the story of Lyle and Deborah Asay, a middle-aged married couple from Denver, attending a JFK convention in New York. Lyle is a buff, Deborah a supporting wife with no particular interest herself. Because Lyle exhibits the extreme suspiciousness of so many buffs, I have cross-listed this story under Conspiracy Theory/The Paranoid Mentality. The second story, John Royal's 1999 "Dutch Treat," tells of two guys in Texas, one who is paranoid about just having found the grand master of THE big conspiracy, and they other guy who.....if I go much farther, I'll give away the tricky ending, and you surely don't want me to spoil your fun!
    I have recently (November 2003) posted a poem on the assassination by Del "Abe" Jones, entitled A Brief Glance, and an earlier one on the Death of John, Jr., entitled Camelot! Have a look.