This large section uses primary documents from each of the five major periods of assassination research to offer insight into the state of the research at those times. These documents provide an immediacy that is seldom available from books or reports. The documents also offer a wider variety of views, some extremely valuable, than are available from the larger publications. A good example of a high-quality document that has been lost in the shuffle of time is Dwight Macdonald's "A Critique of the Warren Report," which appeared in the Esquire of March 1965. A sounder overall evaluation of the report is hard to find in all the JFK literature. It is all the more remarkable because it comes from a flaming liberal, but one with the kind of  keen critical eye that is too often absent today.
    We precede the actual articles with the carefully crafted "A History of Assassination Literature," from the Introduction to Art Simon's 1993 Book Dangerous Knowledge: The JFK Assassination in Art and Film. This narrative gives an ideal overview of the writings about the assassination from the shooting in 1963 to the thirtieth anniversary in 1993.

The Deed
The Warren Commission Period

The HCSA Period

The Oliver Stone/JFK Period

The ARRB Period

Added in November 2007:

KDFW FOX 4 and myFOXdfw.com in Dallas have recently launched a new site related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes (http://media.myfoxdfw.com/JFKvideo/) features original video from the KRLD-TV and KDFW video vaults. Much of the video is raw or uncut footage shot on the day of and following the assassination, including press conferences, 1963 interviews and the even the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. And, we plan to continue adding to the site weekly with clips from the hundreds of hours of video in our collections.

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