The ten toughest issues of the assassination

    Although the JFK assassination is full of difficult issues, a central few have proved the hardest to explain other than by a conspiracy. These are the ten that have convinced the most people that the assassination had to have been the work of a conspiracy. These are the questions that they "simply couldn't get past" as they considered whether a lone assassin could have done it. Eventually, each will be explained fully on its own page.

  1. JFK's lurch backward and to the left. Must it not mean that the killing shot came from the front and to the right?
  2. Ruby's shooting Oswald just two days after the assassination. How could this mean anything other than conspiracy afoot?
  3. The back wound that is too low to create a downward trajectory through the neck. Another obvious indicator of conspiracy?
  4. Governor Connally's obvious reaction to a shot 1.6 seconds after President Kennedy was first hit, combined with his strong testimony that he was hit separately. How could this mean anything other than quick, separate hits and therefore conspiracy?
  5. The wound in the front of the throat that was repeatedly called a wound of entry by the doctors in Dallas. Doesn't a frontal hit mean conspiracy?
  6. The unbelievably small damage to CE 399, the bullet that allegedly created seven wounds in two bodies. No way that one bullet can pass through two bodies, create seven wounds, break two bones, and emerge virtually unscathed. There had to be two shots, and hence conspiracy.
  7. The wound in the back of the head seen by the full medical staff at Parkland and some at Bethesda, but not shown by the official photos or X-rays, or by the Zapruder film. Can we possibly avoid concluding that the autopsy and the Zapruder film have been faked by the conspirators?
  8. Shots from the grassy knoll heard by so many witnesses. How could there not have been a second shooter there?
  9. The amazing feat of firing three shots in six seconds at a moving target with an inaccurate rifle that had not been practiced with in months. The FBI's best couldn't do it; how could Oswald have?
  10. The disconnect between the monstrosity of the assassination and the mousiness of Oswald. Could one loser malcontent really bring down the President of the United States and the leader of the free world? The deed and the alleged doer don't match.