The Marsh Collection

    These 600 MB of images and files on the JFK assassination have been graciously provided by W. Anthony Marsh of Somerville, MA. They are freely available to anyone who wishes to use them. Mr. Marsh's sole goal in placing them here is to ensure that they are disseminated widely.
    I am beginning to catalog them (9 July 2000). Please check back regularly as I progress with this job. As ever, comments and suggestions are appreciated and solicited. Just send an E-mail message to K. Rahn at

Acoustics ARRB Autopsy Ballistics Barghoorn
Bay of Pigs CIA Cuban Missile Crisis Dale Myers (now at Dealey Plaza
HSCA JFKConspiracy David Lifton Limousine Lincoln Assassination
M.L. Baker Mexico City MK-ULTRA Motorcyclists Neutron Activation
Analysis (NAA)
National Archives New Scans Newsgroups Oswald Photos
Posner Puzzle Palace SBT Scans Tippit
TSBD Vietnam Warren Commission Zapruder Zavada