3 July—Yellowwood Lake

    My wrong turn took us through part of Yellowwood Forest. I saw a sign to Yellowwood Lake, and abruptly turned right to follow it. Shortly after, there was another sign pointing right, this time to a dirt road. We followed it quite a distance down to the lake, including passing over two washouts, one with water still in it. But the rental car made both with ease. When we got to the lake, it was beautiful and nearly deserted.

Here is the parking lot at Yellowwood Lake. There were few visitors.

The only human activity we saw was this group fishing.

Rong by the lake.

Ken by the lacke.

There were Canadian geese and ducks at this end of the lake. We didn't see any young ones, however. The intense quacking near these two geese led me to suspect that there were some nests in the nearby brush.

There was a little trail along the end of the lake.

This is how the trail began.

The marshy end of the lake.

Some of the many trees at the end lf the lake.

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