Dealey Plaza 1

    At the top of the grassy knoll near the picket fence was Robert Groden, as usual. The guy to his left introduced him and his books, which you can see for sale on the table. The crowd was paying rapt attention.


Then Groden spoke for a while.

Mr. Ed started talking with the black guy on the right. To put it kindly, they did not agree.

Then it got heated, and they almost came to fisticuffs. As Mr. Ed says, "I'm not a guy to back away from a fight." The guy next to Mr. Ed eventually separated them. But hint to readers: Do not try to mix it up with Mr. Ed. You will not win!

A view from the top of the knoll. Right behind the guy on the right is the famous X that shows roughly where Pres. Kennedy was when hit by the third shot.

Quite a few visitors were milling around that day, accompanied by quite a few hawkers. We were approached several times.

The crowds in front of the Texas School Book Depository. You can see the sixth-floor window, with boxes in place, on the upper right.

A big Japanese tour group visited, too. They arrived in i big bus, and toured the Sixth Floor Museum.

Another group of interested folks.

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