Indiana State Fair 1

    It was our bad luck to attend the fair on a very hot and humid day. But the place was packed, because Indianans are used to this kind of weather in summer. We parked on the infield of the race track, along with a million others.

The infield filled with cars of attendees.

For 75 cents you could ride a little train around the fairgrounds. Nice tractor!

Lots of food was available at every juncture.

This nice girl got me to pay $5 for a raffle ticket for that truck in the background. I will know the result in November.  :-)

Popcorn for everyone!

The building of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The next few pictures come from inside and behind it.

Inside the DNR building. Yes, those are big fish tanks on the right.

This little pool was stocked with small fish. For a small fee, you could try your luck. It was mostly a teaching tool for youngsters.

Janie's father observing the pool. He was wearing the straw hat not to look like a coolie, but because his skin is overly sensitive to the sun.

A DNR volunteer demonstrating to the kids how to unhook a fish.

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