A walk through Iowa City and the University of Iowa's campus

Here is a brief impression of Iowa City and the campus of the University of Iowa. I took all the photos in a span of abut two hours Saturday morning as I walked from Haug Heaven to the Nebraska-Iowa football game and back.

This is the view of the downtown area as seen from the east, about a block west of Haug Heaven.

In the downtown area another couple blocks to the west. I really love those old storefronts, which remind me so much of Niles, Michigan.


One of the university buildings.

Here is map of the university. The site is near east end of the row of purple buildings at the bottom of the map. You can see how the Iowa River divides the campus. On the far bank are the facilities for sports, arts, and medicine.

A beautiful view of the old Capitol flanked by newer university buildings.

The old Capitol. It is now a National Historic Site.

A view to the north.

Looking west from the rear of the Capitol. The Iowa River lies just beyond the end of the road in the center of the picture.

One corner of the Iowa Memorial Union.

The main entrance of the Union.

The new building of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, where my host, Prof. Greg Carmichael, is located.

The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research as seen from the middle of the Iowa River.

The Center as seen from the west bank of the Iowa River. The river flows to the south (rightward here).

The university's law building, on the west side up near the stadium.

A little dam in the Iowa River.

A view across the Iowa River to a power station on the other side. Note the low level of the river, characteristic for late summer.

A closer view of the power-generating station. Note the young man standing waist-high near the station and fishing.

Everybody was pulling for the "Hawks" to beat Nebraska, but all realized that it would take a near-miracle because the team is just starting to rebuild after their long-time coach retired last year. Sure enough, they lost, and by something like 49-7.

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