ConclusionsThe naa as rosetta stone

      On balance, this new understanding of the NAA data moves the separation of the two groups of fragments from the assassination into the realm of fact, along with the conclusions derived from that separation. These new facts settle a series of longstanding issues that have troubled researchers for many years. In a real sense, the NAA data have proven themselves to be a Rosetta Stone of the JFK assassination.  Here are ten issues about the assassination that are now fact. There are probably more.

  1. Q2 (large fragment from the front seat) is now tied directly to Q4,5 (from JFK's brain). Previously they could only be linked provisionally. (The same holds by inference for Q3).
  2. This in turn ties the damage to the chrome strip and the windshield directly to the head shot.
  3. Q9 (from Connally's wrist) is now tied directly to Q1 (the stretcher bullet CE 399). This link provides the strongest support to the single-bullet theory (through improbable evidence consistent with it, i.e., a difficult prediction being realized).
  4. Every fragment recovered and tested came from Oswald’s rifle (C2766) to the exclusion of all other rifles. Anyone who speaks of another shooter is doing so in the complete absence of physical evidence from the bodies.
  5. Two and only two bullets, both WCC/MC, are represented by the fragments. (Those bullets come from C2766.)
  6. Both bullets were fired that day.
  7. All the fragments are genuine; none were planted that day or at any other time.
  8. Thus we need not worry about chains of custody any more.
  9. Both sets of NAA data are valid.
  10. Dr. Vincent P. Guinn was right.

    Note all the important facets of the assassination that the NAA Rosetta Stone knits together: both sets of NAA data, all the fragments, the role of Oswald's rifle, the body wounds to the two men, the damage to the limousine from the two large fragments of the head shot, the genuineness of all the fragments, and the validity of the chains of custody. Note the simple, direct, and exceedingly important picture that the NAA provides for the bullets that hit Kennedy—two WCC/MC bullets from Oswald's rifle, period.

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