Neutron-Activation Analysis and the John F. Kennedy Assassination

Kenneth A. Rahn
March 2001

This expanded and refined summary of the NAA data replaces the earlier document of the same name, which will be removed from the web site when this one is made available to the public about 1 March 2001. The new document is still very much a work in progress, however, and should be viewed as such. Also be aware that this document is equivalent to roughly 150200 printed pages, so it will have to be studied with care and over some time, especially by readers not used to dealing with scientific data and ideas. For this I make no apology. The nature of the subject requires it. Comments will be appreciated.

Table of Contents

List of Tables, List of Figures

Overall summary of logic

The fragments and the reasons for analyzing them

Using chemical data to determine origins

The FBI analyzes the fragments spectroscopically

George Michael Evica misuses the FBI's results

Neutron-activation analysis offers better prospects

The FBI tries NAA on the fragments

Vincent Guinn's neutron-activation analysis

Wallace Milam and the heterogeneity of Sb

The key problem of the tight groupings

Resolving the logical incompatibility

Potential objections to the full explanation

ConclusionsThe NAA as Rosetta Stone

Reflections on why it took so long

Time to let go and move on


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