Christmas Dinner 2—'Twas The Night Before Christmas

    In order to prevent the students from turning on the Karaoke and calling me to sing (just kidding—the real reason was to make it feel a little more like Christmas), I decided to give them a reading of Clement C. Moore's famous "The Night Before Christmas." Hui found it on the Web and printed the whole thing out, double-sided in order to save wood for more Christmas trees. After dinner I went through it with them, first line by line with appropriate explanations, and then one final time straight through. We really had a lot of fun with it!

The students were all very attentive, except when they were laughing at something.

See how they're all good students?


Here I think we were talking about leaves blowing high into the air when the wind whipped them against the wall.

More careful attention.




Someone made a big joke.

No, they are not laughing at camera-girl Hui. Just someone near her. Or laughing with her.

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