Beijing, 24–31 December 2003 and 25–26 January 2004

    My home base in China is Beijing Normal University and Prof. Zhuang Guoshun's research group in atmospheric chemistry. I go there every time I visit China. Two of his students, Guo Jinghua and Yuan Hui, have studied with me in the U.S. for nearly a year apiece. I give the students lectures and help them interpret their data. This time I stayed there for a week. It was a very busy time, for in addition to working intensively with the two or three most advanced students, I had to meet with the rest of them (some 12 in total) because Prof. Zhuang announced that each of them had to discuss their research plans with me. The line formed at the door!
    We worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun. The pictures below show both these aspects of my visit.

Wednesday, December 24th
    BNU's new dormitory for foreign students
    Views from the 12th floor
    A Christmas present from Yuan Hui

Christmas lecture (25th)
    1 Prof Zhuang's introduction
    2 The students
    3 My talk

Christmas dinner
    1 The delicious dinner
    2 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
    3 My present to the group
    4 Hijinks afterward

Dinner with Gao (26th)

Sunday, December 28th
    1 In the eighth-floor laboratory
    2 Supper at the Super Bar
    3 Xingying plays volleyball

Monday, December 29th
    1 Lecture
    2 Dinner
    3 BNU by night

Tuesday, December 30th
    1 Meeting with Mr. Gao at SEPA
    2 Dinner with Gao and friends

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