Beijing Normal University 1

    We arrived n a Sunday night. These first photos of Beijing Normal University were taken the following Monday, which turned out to have the bewt weather of the entire two weeks. Comments are below the picture that they refer to.

Gail was going to be running on BNU's track, so we took a look at it right away. It is a new facility built in commemoration of the university's hundredth anniversary in September 2002.

Gail and Jjinghua Guo, the student who spent a year with me at URI during 20012002. The shadow at the bottom is of your humble photographer, who evidently was still getting used to the vagaries of ultrawide-angle lenses.

If you drink ROBUST bottled water, you too can feel like a Mongolian cowboy!

I'm not quite sure what this sculpture means, but I choose to believe that the teachers who graduate from Beijing Normal University are holding the world in their hands.

A view from the top of the Science and Technology Building, where Prof. Zhuang's group takes it air samples. You can see the track and the soccer field. Note the strong layer of brown haze below the deep-blue sky. Although this was one of the clearest days I have seen in Beijing, the mountains in the distance are obscured by the haze (in this view). We could see them clearly on the last day, though.

You can just see the mountains to the west in this view.

A view to the north.

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