Gulangyu 2

    Our tour of Gulangyu continues...

The rain abated temporarily while we were walking down from the top of the big rock.

You can see the big rock in the distance. Just imagine sheets of rain blowing sideways, and you'll get the feeling of what it was like at the top. Once we got down, we decided we needed some refreshment inside our bodies rather than just on the outside. Se we went to this refreshment stand and ordered tea in teh rain.

Waitresses in American would have hooted us down when we ordered tea in the rain. But these Chinese girls didn't bat an eye, maybe because it rains so often in Xiamen during the summer. They made the tea and came right over, one carrying the tray and the other carrying the umbrella. Here you see Jiangjun getting the first cup of tea and Xulin watching with obvious enjoyment.

Zhongyong, Jiangjug, and Xulin enjoying their tea in the rain. Only in China!

Jiangjun, the beach, and the big rock.

Now that the rain had stopped at least temporarily, we decided to take a little walk.

We came upon a little park...

...with a monument to children.

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