Reconstruction Everywhere1

    The familiar campus of Beijing Normal University greeted me with reconstruction everywhere. It seems that they will celebrate their 100th anniversary this September, and are putting on a big push to spruce up the campus beforehand. To document all the activity, I photographed typical scenes during a walk around the campus. Comments are below each photo.

I stayed in this hotel/dormitory just adjacent to the guest house for foreign students.

This is (or was) the restaurant of the original guest house for foreign students. They took a slice out of it to improve the access to the new building for foreign students going up behind it.

A typical scene, near the guest house. The green material in the background is covering a building under construction. Note the pile of bricks and the torn-up sidewalks, which are now typical of the entire campus.

A closer view of that new building.

The main entrance to the new building.

Amidst all of this is a little garden, which I had not noticed in my previous visits to the campus.

This building, on the southeast corner of the campus, is nearly finished.

This large building is going up near the south gate. It will serve as the administration building and anchor that part of the campus.

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