Reconstruction Everywhere2

    The tour of campus continues.

This is the plan for the new administration building. The building itself occupies the upper part of the diagram, in an H-shape. A green area is shown at the bottom.

Workers installing a broad new sidewalk.

The other side of the large building going up near the guest house/dormitory where I stayed. The sign gives the name of the construction company.

Lots of building materials piled along both sides of the road.

A typical scene in the south-central part of campus. The first sign says something like "Now we are proud of being students at BNU. Some day BNU will be proud of us."

Here we see a sign from the boards on the left side of the photo above. It was written by students of the mathematics department, and reads "Waste water, we'll die. Save water, save life." the sets of Chinese characters on the left refer to the importance of water to life, agriculture, and industry, and conclude by exhorting us to treasure water. A good lesson for any country!

BNU's steam plant, which provides heat during winter. To the left is the student restaurant. In between is a dormitory for undergraduate girls. (Sorry, PC folks, but that's how they say it in China. They're not afraid of being young!) On the far right can be seen the top of the new dormitory for foreign students.

A better view of the new foreign-student dormitory. On its first floor is a student restaurant where we had some of our fine celebratory meals in the evening.

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