11 January, White Cloud Mountain—5 Grass Skiing And Bungee Jumping

    After a long time, we walked on.

This picture gives an idea of the general environment of the park. The people at the right are using a little intersection of paths to play foot-badminton.

We soon came upon a grass-skiing area. The skiers had poles and in-line skates, and a even little powered lift. I think the men standing at the bottom were there to catch anyone who came down the hill out of control. (For anyone who is not familiar with Guangzhou, it is far enough south that it never snows. So if you are determined to ski, you must do it on grass.)

Just beyond the grass-skiing area was bungee-jumping, using equipment from Australia. Here is the sign for it.

This is what it looks like. You walk out to the end, where they fasten you securely to the cord. Then you jump, and throw your entire life away in an instant. (Just kidding—most people survive, at least the ones that we saw.)

First came a young man. After he had signed the necessary disclaimers and been given the last rites (just kidding about the last rites part), he threw himself into the air and soared like a bird (or a rock) all the way down.

Here is is about to hit bottom. But he's still soaring!

With this kind of jumping, you bounce up and down a couple of times before you regain your equilibrium. Here is the brave young guy after getting himself back together and realizing that he will live to see another day.

Here he is, up close and in person, displaying the "Bravery Certificate" that all jumpers get. I'm not sure that I would call it bravery, but who am I, a definite nonjumper, to say?

Inspired by the guy's example, a girl went next. She just sort of dropped.

But she also lived. Here you see her exulting in it.

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