The Chen Clan Museum 9Outside The Entrance

    Outside the entrance to the museum is the Chen's Clan Hall Square, a map of which is shown two pictures below. The picture below gives a brief introduction to the square. Because we were running short on time, we could only visit a small part of it.

A Brief Introduction To The Chen's Clan Hall Square
    The Chen's Clan Hall Square is named after the Chen's Clan Hall, a key Preservation Resort of Cultural Relics for the State, which is adjacent to it. Completed in September 1999, the square covers about 2.3 hectares. The project was enlisted in the Key Projects for "Improving the Image One Step in A Year," a movement advocated by the Guangzhou Municipality.
    The square is divided into 3 major parts, the port entrance, the basin square and the small tour park. The innovative design is a combined success of both ancient and modern style, which is reflected in the relief wall, the modern-tasted flower bell, piled-stone and strip flower terraces. The spot, once surrounded by a group of low-stoned old buildings, was a factory producing enormous environmental problem. Thanks to the investment from both the city and the district government, reconstruction was undertaken which not only improves the environment but also benefits the local community.

We walked around the central part of the square, near the Basin Square and the Eastern Entrance.

Unified to the Han Court
    Through Lu Jia's patient persuasion, Zhao Tuo was finally inspired by Lu Jia and decided to receive the seal for the Nanyue King as conferred to him by Liu Bang and declare himself a vassal to the Han Court. The people in Nanyue all felt rejoiced over the kingdom's unification to the Han Dynasty.


Peace Coming to Baiyue
    Zhao Tuo was then moved by Lu Jia's sincerity and agreed to meet and talk with him, despite that he still remained arrogant. Lu Jia made every effort to persuade him with reasoning and to touch him with passion.


The Eastern Entrance in the distance.

Walking through the Eastern Entrance.

A beautiful floral arrangement. Note the plane heading toward Guangzhou International Airport.

Xiaohong by the flowers. We later walked along the street that you see straight ahead.

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