The Third Asian Aerosol Conference, Lion Dance

    We got a real treat when the City of Hong Kong provided this ceremonial Lion Dance for us. It was held right in the atrium.

Here are the two young men who made up the lion. As you will see below, they were very strong.

There were four guys in the "orchestra," three with cymbals and one with a drum. Boy, was it loud! I couldn't believe my ears when they started. The lion gave us a ceremonial bow early in the dance.

The lion is taking a closer look at us. Knowing that we were all aerosol scientists, I think the lion was being very prudent!

The lion was able to rear completely up on its hind legs.

Taking a well-deserved bow.

The lion is trying to decide whether it should try to climb up on that little platform.

The lion decided to go ahead, and after a great deal of checking it out and climbing nimbly on to it, it reared itself up to full height and delighted us all.

Then the lion officially welcomed us to Hong Kong.

At the close, the lion strutted past the entire crown, most of whom had never been so close to such a wild animal before. After all, we are aerosol scientists, not game hunters!

Get ready! He's coming!

The lion is getting ready to shake paws with B.-C. Choi of South Korea.

The the lion came over to me and tried to eat my new digital camera! He got it into his mouth, but I was able to yank it out after several difficult tries.  :-)

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