Northward around the rim 2

    Continuing along the northeast part of Rim Drive...

This view to the northwest shows at the same time the clear skies and the regional haze of southwest Oregon. During the winter and spring, it appears to be contributed to by Asia, but we had no idea where the material was from on this day.

A view to the south.

Another view to the southeast, but from higher up. This one shows the collapsed cone atop Wizard Island.

Places like this made me imagine what it would be like to sled down these slopes during winter. But I don't advise it, because you would get really wet (because the lake seldom freezes) and then you would have to climb back up impossible slopes. Maybe that's the real reason they close the road in winter.

A parking lot along Rim Drive with a view to the northwest.

The point of this sign is that all the peaks you can see are volcanic.


What a place, eh?

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