Saturday, 3 January 2Hunt For Dr. Bill Brown's House

    After lunch we (minus Zhang Lin, who had to go study) tried to find Dr. Bill Brown's house. He and his family live up the hill behind the university, and it took us a while to find the place.

This is typical of the houses that we saw while climbing up the hill.

Even partway up the hill you get a nice view of the university and the city.

Jinjin is asking directions of a distant neighbor.

Here is a nearer neighbor who helped us find the place.

Here is the Browns' younger son, Matthew. He told us that his parents had just stepped out. (We had tried to call them, but their phone was turned off.)

Here are some views from the walk back down.

Yes, that's glass in the top of the cement wall. It discourages thieves very effectively.

This little half-sun also discourages thieves.

While walking down this street we almost felt that we were in a Western neighborhood.

A little side street that could be Anywhere, USA.

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