The Sweden thread for Elms

    The Sweden thread for Elms aerosol represents the possible European solution. It was investigated because of the high F-ratios for various European sources in step 2. The thread is shown in boldface italic below.

Elms, Maryland, 17 elements
Step 0 Nothing chosen
Step 2 Sea and crust (NACC) chosen, fit 6.57
Step 3 Add Allen, fit 1.87 Add Wye, fit 1.01 Add Sweden, fit 2.11
Step 4 Add Wye, fit 0.60 Add Pr. Geo., fit 0.52 Add Allen, fit 1.16
Step5 Add Pr. George, fit 0.30 Add Allen, fit 0.30 Add Wye, fit 0.57
Step 6     Add Pr. Geo, del. Sweden, fit 0.30

    Step 3 adds Sweden, the European site with the highest F-ratio at step 2. Note the poor fit (2.11, vs. 1.01 at the corresponding stage in the North American thread). Note also that no other viable European sources remain. Thus the European thread does not work well. 

    Step 4 adds Allen Steam Coal, the highest type-signature after step 3. The fit improves to a borderline 1.16. Several North American sources remain high, even higher than Sweden, but no European sources.

    We could stop the (contrived) Europe fit here if we chose, but the appearance of the several NA sources prompted us to choose the highest of them, Wye, for step 5. This depresses Sweden to practically zero and raises Prince George to nearly the same level as Wye.

    Step 6 does the obvious and adds Prince George, which deletes Sweden and returns the solution to the original North American version. This is the self-correcting nature of the apportionment process.

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