The Arctic Solution for Northern Norway

    The Arctic solution for northern Norway is shown in red italic in the table below. "Arctic attempt" might describe it better, because the thread soon corrected itself back to a European solution very similar to the first thread.

Northern Norway, 22 elements

Step 0

Nothing chosen

Step 2

Sea and best crust (FEC) chosen

Step 3 Add Sweden, fit 1.52 Add Norilsk, fit 1.59 Add Matsue (JP), fit 2.33
Step 4 Add Trebanos, for 1.36 Add Ny-lesund, fit 1.46 Add Seoul winter, fit 2.08
Step 5 Add Jungfraujoch, fit 1.28 Add Petten, fit 0.89  
Step 6 Add Norilsk, fit 0.99 Add Allen, del. Ny-l, fit 0.72  
Step 7 Add Petten (NL), del. Jung., fit 0.86    
Step 8 Add Allen, fit 0.70    

    We begin by repeating the figure for step 2, with sea and crust (FEC) chosen. We now pursue the Arctic sources (shown in red) by choosing the highest of them, Norilsk.

    Adding Norilsk in step 3 improves the fit to 1.59  and reduces the F-ratios for all the other sites. (We already knew from the European thread that Norilsk was a good fit to Norway.)

    Consistent with restricting this solution to Arctic sources (sites), we next chose Ny-lesund, the Arctic site with the highest remaining F-ratio. But that improved the fit only marginally, from 1.59 to 1.46.

    Choosing Ny-┼lesund in step 4 did not make any other Arctic sources available, but instead retained the F-ratios in most of the other places. The arctic solution thus ended with the unsatisfactory fit of 1.46 and a whole lot of other potential sources waiting in the wings (Japan/Korea, Europe/Russia, North America). We then chose the best of the near sources, Petten, as step 5. That turned the solution back toward Europe and gave a satisfactory solution of 0.89. The fit from Petten immediately exceeded those from Norilsk and Ny-┼lesund.

    The choice of Petten in step 5 reduced most of the other F-ratios but kept Allen Steam Coal prominent. We thus tried adding that one for step 6. It improved the fit to 0.72 and at the same time eliminated Ny-lesund. This in essence self-corrected the Arctic solution back to a European solution very similar to that of the first thread.

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