The Japan/Korea Solution for Northern Norway

    The Japan/Korea solution for northern Norway is shown in red italic in the table below. Although it looked promising at for step 2 (below), it provided a poor fit and soon proved unsuitable.

Northern Norway, 22 elements

Step 0

Nothing chosen

Step 2

Sea and best crust (FEC) chosen, fit 7.24

Step 3 Add Sweden, fit 1.52 Add Norilsk, fit 1.59 Add Matsue (JP), fit 2.33
Step 4 Add Trebanos, for 1.36 Add Ny-lesund, fit 1.46 Add Seoul winter, fit 2.08
Step 5 Add Jungfraujoch, fit 1.28 Add Petten, fit 0.89  
Step 6 Add Norilsk, fit 0.99 Add Allen, del. Ny-l, fit 0.72  
Step 7 Add Petten (NL), del. Jung., fit 0.86    
Step 8 Add Allen, fit 0.70    

    We begin by repeating the figure for step 2, with sea and crust (FEC) chosen.

    Step 3 of this thread chooses the highest of the Japan/Korea sources, Matsue. This produces a poor fit (2.33) and leaves quite a few high F-ratios, mostly for Europe and the Arctic (the real sources of northern Norway aerosol).

    Step 4 takes the next-highest JK source, Seoul winter. It improves the fit only marginally (to 2.08) and leaves high F-ratios for Europe and the Arctic. Since choosing these sources would return the fit to the European solution, as happened with the Arctic thread, we abandoned the Japan/Korea thread.

    The final solution for the aerosol of Northern Norway is then the European solution of Petten, Trebanos, Sweden, Norilsk, and Allen Steam Coal. that amounts to a broad mix of European sources with a touch of Arctic.

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