European Solution for Wye

   The European thread for Wye aerosol is shown in red italic in the table below. We consider it unsuccessful because it requires a type-source to get its fit below 1.0, an informal benchmark that seems to be emerging.

Apportionment of Wye, 17 elements
Step 0 Nothing chosen
Step 2 Sea and crust (NAIC) chosen, fit 6.33
Step 3 Elms added, fit 0.99 Finland added, fit 1.77 Ube added, fit 2.41
Step 4 NYC added, fit 0.61 Trebanos added, fit 1.34 Nopporo added, fit 2.24
Step 5 Allegheny added, fit 0.38 Ghent added, fit 1.11 Cheju added, fit 1.79
Step 6 Sudbury (Ont.) added, fit 0.26 Allen added, fit 0.68 Allen added, fit 1.05
Step 7 Shenandoah added, fit 0.23    

   We reprise step 2 to remind the reader of the relative importance of European signatures before any region had been delved into. Several European signatures have F-ratios that are quite high, but none that can match the two highest in North America.

    Step 3, the first in the European thread, adds Finland, the European signature with the highest F-ratio. It produces a fit of 1.77, which might be considered reasonable for a first place-signature except for the fact that the first place-signature in the North American thread reached 0.99. Finland collapses nearly all the other European signatures, as well as those from Japan/Korea, but leaves high signatures in North America.

    Step 4 in the European thread adds Trebanos, the highest remaining Europe F-ratio. This improves the fit to 1.34, which is still unsatisfactory, especially in comparison with the NA thread at the same stage.

    Step 5 adds Ghent, Belgium. It improves the fit marginally, to 1.11, and leaves two very high North American signatures. The European solution is still unacceptable.

    European step 6 adds Allen Steam Coal, the highest of the type-sources. This improves the fit to an acceptable 0.68, but leaves a host of moderate and high F-ratios from North America showing that the fit is unacceptable over and above the fact that a type-signature had to be used to rescue the European fit.

    Thus the result of the European thread for Wye is a fit that is acceptable by numerical standards but unacceptable from the standards of having to be rescued by a type-source and of leaving very high F-ratios for North America.

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