Conspiracy Theory

    The academic, or intellectual, orientation of this web site and my URI course on the JFK assassination compels us to step back and examine the popularity of the conspiratorial explanation from a distance. This topic is very different from just examining the 101 conspiracy theories that have been advanced for the assassination. Rather, we must examine the act of appealing to undocumented conspiracy and continuing to appeal to it even when documentation remains absent for a span of time approaching four decades. The importance of this kind of metaanalysis cannot be overestimated; it separates the buffs from the scholars.
    I am writing this page in early September 2000. During the next few months, I will expand the section on conspiracy theory  irregularly, with the goal of having a complete package ready for the beginning of class in January 2001. Keep your fingers crossed!

Introduction to conspiracy theory (including definitions)

The Paranoid Mentality

Characteristics of conspiracy theory

Examples of conspiracy theory

Critique of conspiracy theory

History of conspiracy theory

What does conspiracy theory offer its practitioners?

Conspiracy theory in the JFK assassination

Broad conspiracy mentality in JFK conspiracists