Issues and Evidence


The toughest issues of the assassination

How many shots were fired?
Were any shots fired from the Book Depository?
Were any shots fired from the front or the side?
Whose weapon fired the shots?
Who fired the shots?
Frontal Shot(s)

JFK's back/shoulder wound

JFK's throat wound

The single-bullet theory

JFK's head wound
The Tippit Shooting

Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Ruby

Evidence for conspiracy
"Proofs" of conspiracy
Counterviews to conspiracy
The Zapruder film

Was the Zapruder film altered?

What explains JFK's double movement in response to the killing head shot?
Were JFK's wounds altered before the autopsy?

Were the photos and X-rays from the autopsy faked or altered?
NARA's Reexamination of CE 567

For Your Eyes Only--Manipulation of evidence by Dallas Police Department (Frank A. Cellura, 2003)

Logical summaries of these topics
Evidence sheets