The critics

(In alphabetical order)

Although the JFK critics are a diverse lot, the early nonprofessional critics shared certain characteristics that were described fairly and neutrally by Calvin Trillin in his June 1967 article in the New Yorker entitled simply "The Buffs." We offer this enlightening article as an introduction to the larger suite of critics listed here. For a lighter view of the modern JFK buff, try "Conspiracy Buffs," by Edward J. Delaney.

M. S. Arnoni
John Bevilaqua

Mae Brussell

Thomas Buchanan

Ed Dorsch

Dave Emory

Edward Jay Epstein

George Michael Evica

Roger Feinman
Mary Ferrell

Gaeton Fonzi

Stewart Galanor

Michael T. Griffith

Billy James Hargis

Paul Hoch
Joachim Joesten

Mark Lane

James H. Lesar

David Lifton
Staughton Lynd
Jim Marrs

Sylvia Meagher

Carl Oglesby

Revilo P. Oliver

David Perry
Richard H. Popkin

Bertrand Russell

Vincent Salandria

Leo Sauvage

Ralph Schoenman

Peter Dale Scott
Josiah Thompson

Bob Vernon

Harold Weisberg
Peter Whitmey
David Wrone