Welcome to the home page for Nonconspiracists United! We are a group of like-minded people dedicated to setting the record straight on the JFK assassination. By this, we mean that there is every evidence that one shooter (Lee Harvey Oswald) could have done the deed alone, and in fact did it, and that no solid evidence of conspiracy has been found in spite of 41 long, hard years of trying by government and public alike. We feel the need to come forward now because the unrelenting drumbeat of conspiracy by a small, vocal band of researchers has persuaded 80% of Americans that there was in fact a conspiracy, contrary to the absence of evidence for it. We feel that misleading the American public in this way has had serious consequences.
    We established ourselves informally in 2003. Our first publication was "Chance, not conspiracy, in the death of JFK," which appeared in newspapers and Web sites in the U.S. and England in November 2003. This short essay highlighted the role of chance in the assassinations of JFK and Oswald, and demonstrated that chance left no room for conspiracy in either event.
    We are presently (August 2005) composed of 18 members, all with deep backgrounds in the JFK assassination. Three of us hold the Ph.D. degree, one the M.D., one a degree in chiropractic, and four the Master's. One of us testified extensively before the Warren Commission, one extensively before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and one met Lee Harvey Oswald and took TV news footage of him. Two of us have taught college courses on the assassination. Five of us have published books on the assassination, with a sixth due out in fall 2005. For further information, see biographical sketches. We have our own E-mail discussion group, administered by Ken Rahn.
    We have just met in Toledo, Ohio, during 2224 October 2004.
    Comments from interested readers may be addressed to Kenneth A. Rahn at kenrahn@kenrahn.com or krahn@uri.edu. We are especially interested in hearing from individuals of similar persuasion who would like to join us in setting the record straight about the JFK assassination.